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Never clean yourself again with DIRECT CLEANING SERVICE B.V.

Clean work, efficient planning and knowledge of your industry. DIRECT CLEANING SERVICE B.V. offers a total package of cleaning solutions for the hospitality industry in The Hague and the rest of South Holland. We are a specialized and reliable cleaning company for every conceivable business: from bakeries to event venues.

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Call us on 06 44 71 40 04 or send us a message. DIRECT CLEANING SERVICE BV from The Hague is the cleaning company for South Holland and would like to meet you.

More than just cleaners

We work with a permanent team of cleaners. They receive regular in-house training in various areas. With this, we guarantee efficient cleaning services, high quality service and modern cleaning methods at a fair price. Do you want to know what DIRECT CLEANING SERVICE B.V. can do for your premises? Curious about the possibilities and rates? Call us at 06 44 71 40 04 or send us your request by email. We work throughout South Holland with a focus on the region of The Hague.

DIRECT CLEANING SERVICE B.V. believes in total solutions

If you are struggling with overdue maintenance, it is difficult to get your your your property completely clean again. That’s why our cleaners also inspect your premises for maintenance condition and resolve any maintenance issues for you. This service is inseparable from the hygiene of your premises. We therefore highly recommend this service.

Work in an immaculate premises

A clean office makes for happy employees. In addition, you want to host clients and partners in a well-groomed space. The cleaners of DIRECT CLEANING SERVICE B.V. will clean your business premises meticulously, large or small. Not only inside, but also outside: for glass and facade cleaning, we are happy to come by.

Eating off the floor: cleaning for the hospitality industry

For a restaurant or bar where food and drinks are consumed, a clean environment is very important. Give guests and staff a hygienic place to work and enjoy. DIRECT CLEANING SERVICE B.V. has extensive experience in cleaning hotel and catering establishments and knows what conditions must be met.

We ensure a clean hospital

Hygiene is of great importance in a hospital or other healthcare facility. The professional cleaners of DIRECT CLEANING SERVICE B.V. work with care every day for a clean environment in your hospital.

Cleaning for housing corporations

Do you have multiple properties or complexes and are looking for a reliable party to clean your real estate? DIRECT CLEANING SERVICE B.V. takes the work off your hands! For large projects, we are an economical, reliable and thorough partner.

Cleaners for the hospitality industry

Could your business also use the professional hands of our cleaners? Then contact DIRECT CLEANING SERVICE B.V. for more information. This can be done by phone at 06 44 71 40 04 or simply by e-mail.

Cleaning for hotels

We also provide a clean and hygienic environment in your hotel. Through DIRECT CLEANING SERVICE B.V. it is also possible to hire a chambermaid for the daily cleaning of hotel rooms.

Cleaning for your bakery

As a typical Hague family business, we started years ago as cleaners for Roodenrijs bakery in The Hague. Good work makes for good advertising and is always rewarded. Soon, therefore, we were the cleaning specialist for other branches and bakeries in the area. We are also happy to serve you for the cleaning of your bakery.

Care facility

With the help of DIRECT CLEANING SERVICE B.V. your care facility will be spotlessly clean. Thanks to our professional cleaners, the caregivers in your healthcare facility can focus on their main tasks and the clients. We focus on cleaning to create a pleasant living and/or working environment.

Glass and facade cleaning

Clear sight thanks to DIRECT CLEANING SERVICE B.V.! We provide not only a clean interior, but also a presentable exterior of all kinds of business premises. Engage us for a clean facade and stain-free windows. 

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Call us on 06 44 71 40 04 or send us a message. DIRECT CLEANING SERVICE BV from The Hague is the cleaning company for South Holland and would like to meet you.

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